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This website provides an overview of products and services offered by TTP.  We write, develop, produce and present technically advanced industrial training material for a diverse spectrum of client-specific applications such as Gas Fired and Coal Fired Power Plants and Industrial Water Treatment Plants. We specialize in "Visual Presentation of Technical Information" through the use of our detailed 3D models and animations in our E-Learning products.  We also specialize in the development of site-specific On-the-Job (OJT) training materials, train-the-trainer and creation of other operator and maintenance training materials.


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Training Development


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Detailed 3D Coal Plant

Training Development


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Maintenance Procedures and System

Training Using Detailed 3D



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Our Products:

Our Products include:

  • Site Specific Computer Based Training (CBT) Materials
  • Cost-effective, Site-Specific, MMI  Simulations
  • Highly Illustrated Color Training Manuals
  • On-the-Job (OJT) Training Materials
  • Customized Operating Procedures
  • Troubleshooting and Reference Databases
  • Site Videos Featuring 3D animation and Live Footage
  • Hands-on and Classroom Training
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Consulting

Explanations and samples of these products have been included in this website.  Additional samples may be provided upon request.

Industries We Serve:

TTP employees and contractors have provided services for the following industrial systems and equipment:

  • Coal Fired Power Plants
  • Gas Fired Power Plant
  • Industrial Water Treatment Sytems
  • Refineries




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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TTP has just finished over 80 Combined Cycle Coursesand 20 Coal Plant Courses that Contain detailed 3D animations of CTs, HRSGs, STs and Balance of Plant Systems.  CLICK HERE to view Content from the our Marketing DVD which can be ordered by filling out our Contact Us Information.

Our Buisness has skyrocketed due to our ability to show Technical Information Visually.

We are also completing Metric Versions of our Courses as well as completing Maintenance Procedures.  We can produce content in any language, cost-effectively by working with the client for translation collaboration.

In the next few months we will have finished our Boiler Cycle Chemistry Course as well as numerous subcritical and supercritical coal plants, with and without FGD.

Contact us for site specific development or purchase of generic content.

Gas Combustion Turbine (3D render)

TTP employees and contractors have produced site specific Computer Based Training (CBT) Materials with detailed 3D animations of combined cycle power plant, industrial water treatment equipment, food production, beverage production and pharmaceutical processes.

2 HRSGs (render)

We specialize in development and delivery of custom site-specific field and classroom training.  TTP also develops unique "3 level" OJT's as well as operating procedures and. train-the-trainer materials.