Technical Training Professionals produces state-of-the-art training materials for the utility and manufacturing industries which feature detailed 3D model images and videos. Our content can also include customization where site control screens, photos, piping and instrument drawings and other documentation are presented with our content.

Content is divided into four books:

  • Book 1: Visualization of System Design and Flowpaths through the use of detailed 3D images and videos
  • Book 2: Control Screen Navigation and Familiarization with Screen Indications
  • Book 3: System Startup, Operation and Shutdown which can include walkdown checklists, corresponding OJTs and Qualification Cards
  • Book 4: System Troubleshooting – Only developed through content that is specific to a site and where the content is provided by the customer

Our content can be customized to your specific needs, including site control screens, photos, piping, and instrument drawings that match your environment