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Technical Training Professionals LLC is a company that specializes in the development and delivery of technical training materials for industry.  We specialize in VISUAL PRESENTATION OF TECHNICAL INFORMATION.  Our Corporate Team consists of the following:

  • Project Managers
  • Technical Writers
  • Trainers
  • 3D Modelers
  • Desk Top Publishers
  • 3D Animators
  • Video Production Specialists

TTP Ownership and Background

TTP was formed in January of 2003.  TTP acquired the Intellectual Property of Technical Support Services and Multimedia Development Services, when formed.  This acquisition allowed TTP to acquire over 14 years of content, expertise and clients that had been developed by the two companies. Clients served by TSS and MDS include:

  1. Duke Power
  2. Pacific Gas and Electric
  3. New York State Electric and Gas
  4. Delco (Delphi) Electronics
  5. RCA
  6. Alabama Electric Cooperative
  7. Intermountain Power Project
  8. Boehringer Ingelheim
  9. Roxanne Labs
  10. Glegg Water Conditioning
  11. Nalco Chemical
  12. Chem Nuclear
  13. Quaker Oats (Gatorade)
  14. General Mills
  15. Multifoods
  16. Roxanne Labs



contact phone number 865.685.0743
Thursday, September 18, 2014

HRSG Pressure Drums (render)

TTP is Seeking Partners for Development and Distribution of Industry-Specific Materials

We are seeking partners who will contribute reference information, time, effort and money to develop materials for sale with us that are specific to an industry. TTP has completed or is in the process of completing these materials for the following industries:

  1. Power Generation
  2. Industrial Water Treatment


cutaway of RO element (reverse osmosis) - render